Dear Sir,

FOLLOWING the article on noise pollution in Andratx published in your Sunday edition, it has transpired that the problem of an open-air rock concert until 4:30am in a highly residential area of Andratx was in fact over THREE nights and the problem is obviously not just in Andratx.

We have been subjected to three sleepless nights in order to provide an open-air rock concert here in Andratx Town – by no means the first time this year and certainly not the last. I am sure that 99 percent of those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the concert, but they had the CHOICE to leave at whatever time and return home to sleep. Furthermore, 99.9 percent of people in the catchment area chose NOT to attend, this was their CHOICE. The only people who had no choice were the Andratx residents who live in the proximity of the main square.

There is physical damage to my property from the 26 hours of constant vibration as plaster has been shaken from both inside and outside walls.
I fear that residential property values will suffer as will desirability to live in a noise disaster zone.
I fear that all attempts to change or modify the situation with the local authority will meet with a whitewash involving many wasted hours. As this is a blatant breach of article 8 of the Human Rights Act which states “everyone has the right to enjoy a home peacefully, without intrusive noise or other pollution” this will be a more effective route to getting these concerts banned or at least capped to a midnight finish (as implemented by Calvia).

Iain Master

Andratx Town