By Jason Moore I would ask the new leader of the Balearics, Francesc Antich, to throw in the towel if he believes that the new coalition Balearic government is unworkable. For the good of these islands the last thing we want over the next four years is infighting and short sighted legislation whose only purpose is to keep the mixed bag of politicians which form the coalition together. Running the Balearics is hard enough but when you take into account that you've got a large family to keep under control, it could be even more difficult. Antich has already said that his cabinet will be tough on new building and plans for new golf courses and even yacht clubs could be scrapped. The controversial tourist tax, introduced by Antich when he was last in power, is not on the horizon at the moment and I think even Antich thinks it is a bad idea. The new Balearic leader needs a capable team. The new Mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, looks like a rising star. Also yesterday it was rumoured that the former Mayor of Calvia Margarita Najera (yes her!) could also be given a new role. Anyhow changing and difficult times.

P.S. When he came to power ten years ago I was deeply concerned but now he has left I'm sorry to see him go. Like him or not he has been a firm hand on the tiller of power and perhaps Britain is a better place now than it was ten years ago. Goodbye Tony.