By Ray Fleming

The world's leaders have been very circumspect in their reactions to events in Egypt. What was to all intents and purposes a military coup would in most cases be damned by democracies and, for different reasons, by dictatorships opposed to “regime change”.

But in the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, the elected President of Egypt, different criteria seem to have applied -- “reservations” about the Army's take-over have been the favoured response, albeit with hope for a new democracy in due course. However, a more robust line was taken on Sunday in The Observer by Tony Blair, officially Envoy in the Middle East of the Quartet (European Union, Russia, United Nations and United States) as well as Director of his global Faith Foundation, speechmaker and free-lance advisor to many rich companies.

Mr Blair said this about Egypt: “We should engage with the new de facto power and help the new government make the changes necessary to deliver for the people”.

He called the opposition to Morsi “An awesome manifestation of power”. Interesting that Blair should be so impressed by crowds marching, when as prime minister he ignored the million in Britain who marched against his invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Incidentally, when Mr Blair says “we”, for whom is he speaking -- the President of the EU Commission, Vladimir Putin, Ban ki-Moon or Barack Obama? Or all four? Or just himself? Confusing.


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