Dear Sir, I REMEMBER about 10 years ago when a certain Francesc Antich declared that nuclear-powered, US Navy ships would no longer be welcomed in Palma. Naturally, the U.S. Navy didn't agree with such a sentiment emanating from the spokesperson of a fellow NATO member, and since then, U.S. Navy ships have been about as common in Palma as Osama Bin Laden at a White House tea party.

Then I read recently that ‘The Champ' Rafa Nadal had agreed to promote Majorca internationally provided the current Antich administration provided some tennis facilities on the island; said administration did not comply.

ONE US Navy carrier used to generate about $1'000'000 a DAY in income into the local economy. We used to get about 4 such visits a year, (quite apart from the smaller ships). Over ten years (and it may be more) that would account for 40 visits at least, or $40'000'000 which our economy did not earn.

Here's my point - can you imagine the boost to our economy if Rafa had said, just ONCE, the word ‘Majorca' in his internationally-broadcast, post-match interview?

Seems like the formula is Antich + U.S. Navy + Rafael Nadal = ZERO. Or is it just me who's daft?
Norman MacLeod, Palma Nova