TEN years ago I remember writing a story for this newspaper quoting a director of a leading British tour operator as saying that countries outside the Euro-zone sooner or later would attract more British tourists because they would find it much cheaper. This far-sighted director appeared to believe that sooner or later the value of the pound would drop against the euro and Turkey would feel the benefits. It has taken almost a decade and he has been proved right. In otherwords within the travel industry, where value for money is king, there was always a fear that euro-zone countries would become expensive for British tourists. Therefore I was not surprised yesterday when I read that Turkey is taking tourists away from Spain. Sooner or later this was bound to happen and perhaps if the local authorities had introduced some form of price control we would not be now looking at a gloomy summer season. In some cases these islands are pricing themselves out of the market. How is it that a beer can cost two euros in one bar and eight euros just down the road? The warning bells should be ringing loud and clear and if this island is not careful it may find itself suffering badly in the future. Price control and more value for money is certainly needed.


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