By Jason Moore

THE phone hacking allegation made against the News of the World are outrageous and need to be properly investigated. But party politics needs to be left out of the investigation. It is well known that the Rupert Murdoch organisation backed the Conservatives at the last general elections. It was a bitter blow for Gordon Brown, who had seen how Murdoch had backed his predecessor, Tony Blair, who won three general elections.

Prime Minister David Cameron employed a former News of the World editor as his press officer. But this is nothing new. The senior management of the Murdoch organisation were openly courted by both Blair and Brown, until Murdoch switched sides. I also sincerely doubt that it was only the News of the World, which was involved in phone hacking. There are some who believe that it was widespread. This is the reason why I believe that the inquiry is needed. Standards on the Old Fleet Street need to be looked at, and very closely. It will be no easy task. Let us remember that it was British newspapers who brought the whole expenses scandal involving MPs to light and some MPs are still bitter about how the whole scandal was handled by the media. But all this must be forgotten and those who carry out the inquiry must just concentrate on the facts. The media always has a rather unsettled relationship with politicians so finding someone to conduct the investigation will not be easy. But is must take place, for the good of all.