By Humphrey Carter

The Spanish government is certainly thinking and it does appear to have some very clever people on board because, so far, the country has managed to avoid ‘doing a Greece, Portugal or Italy' and has even gone as far as making demands on the European Union and laying down the law.

However, I am a little suspicious about its new global campaign to attract international investors, primarily into the property market.
The campaign was launched in London last year under the guise of trying to get rid of the country's property mountain and revive the construction industry.

But, some of the carrots they are dangling about the world may not seem as enticing as the government may have thought.
Offering immediate residency permits etc. if a foreigner purchases a property worth over 380'00 euros could in fact turn people away.
Granted, it is a guaranteed way of the local authorities immediately getting its claws into the new wealthy property owner but, perhaps the investor, would simply like to drop off the radar and enjoy an easy life while enjoying their luxury home in the sunshine.

I doubt the mega rich Russians and Arabs the government is trying to lure to Spain want their dirty laundry aired as a reward for investing in Spain.
The Spanish government may have been too clever for its own good with this one.