Dear Sir, ONCE the dust settles after the recent mess of elections in Majorca; I'd certainly hope that the councillors will get down to real business and to matters that will benefit the island. The recent elections show just how coalitions don't work. For me; you're either in or out; the recent debacle shows us differently.

Down to business. Our local so called recycling area in Costitx is a mere site for dumping just about anything you like provided you get it sort of near the entrance and usually if possible; block it completely. Forget about putting anything in the specialised areas for cardboard; plastics; tins or bottles; it seems like within 10 metrs is quite acceptable.

The new wooden enclosures erected recently over the green bins; I'll give them 3 moths before they disintegrate completely and will be left to be taken for fire wood come winter.

Sad to say this is the former constituency of Maria Antonio Munar (the Speaker of the local parliament and former Mayor) whom I'd be certain would be horrified to see the state of it each week. Just around the corner some 2 km is the Sencelles recycling area; manned 6 days a week and an impeccable site where everything is separated and watched over by a very articulate man and the gates are locked after hours.

Seemingly this works extremely well.
So what is the difference in mentalities only 2km apart?
It is high time our councils sorted out age old problems of dumping rubbish; out of sight is not out of mind any more.
Perhaps introduce a denuncia where those who are spotted dumping illegal waste which much of this is; might teach a few some much needed lessons.
Yours Sincerely
Kaj Christensen