Dear Sir
I am writing to complain about the implementation of your Tourist Tax. The government quite obviously did not think of the tourist when you devised this tax. As a holiday maker looking to come to your islands this summer I was appalled to learn that we are expected to pay in addition to the cost of our holiday a further £60 in taxes if the price is 1 euro per person over 12 per day!!! This was not pointed out by our booking agent as not being included in the price of the ALL INCLUSIVE holiday.
If your country feels that a tax increase is needed then you should price your holidays accordingly to reflect this so that travellers to your country are not met with unexpected charges out of their holiday spending money. A holidaymaker should not be made to feel that they as well as having to foot taxes in their own country are now being used as scapegoats for another country.
Yours faithfully
Paula Nunn
K Wish You
Were Here nearly put us off
Dear Sir, AFTER watching Wish you were Here on Sunday which was allegedly a Majorca special, I would be very surprised if many people would be tempted to visit the island. As our family has been visiting the island for the past 35 years, watching this nearly ensured we would never visit it again. The reasons: l 1. The only place shown was Palma Nova beach, with a group out for an extended hen night looking for lads and drink. Not a sight of Palma, Valledemosa, Pollensa, Soller, Lluch, La Granja, the theme parks or nightclubs. l 2. The programme seemed to be a publicity short for Thomson or rather, Tui. with Judith Chalmers learning to be a rep. This involved a talk to some visitors in a bar, and a coach trip to Andratx market - sadly no views of Andratx just one shot of the market, then back to Judith counting passengers back on the coach yawn yawn. Other over long sections featured meeting and greeting at the Airport with Judith being watched on a TV screen by her so called “boss”. l 3. A young English couple had set up a bar in the back streets of Peguera, with no research on the area beforehand, just thought it would be a good idea, a laugh. Needless to say they were giving up after four months with few customers, and coming back to the U.K. l 4. Then it was mentioned that you could live out here - shots of two houses priced at over £1 million and the casual mention you could only get an apartment for under £200'000. l 5. The only plus factor, which no doubt will be used by the younger “let's go away for a laugh and as much lager as we can get” set, was the fact that very cheap accommodation could be obtained at the Airport ie. £14 per night bed and breakfast. The whole half hour programme was badly edited, and the 4 different presenters continually bounced in and out of shot with banal comments.
Please, if the tourist office had anything to do with this production, let them know it gave out an entirely false impression of Majorca.
It even reported that the tourist tax was no longer in force. I understand from reading the Daily Bulletin that it was hoped that more people would visit the island for more than the bars and booze, this programme showed nothing of the delights of the interior and the beauty of the coasts, or any bars and clubs come to that. Edith Knight
K Return of the jelly fish
Dear Sir, CAN you picture a beach such as Playa de la Comtessa, on a hot July Sunday, today, packed with both island residents and tourist families - with 500-plus people standing or lying on the sand, afraid to go into the water because I and several others had been stung by jelly fish! Does Calvia, or indeed Majorca, have a death wish for its tourist industry ?
I was originally told that jelly fish only appear in May and October - I, friends, and other visitors to the beach have now been stung in November, April and July! I think it is time your marine biologists took time to study what is apparently becoming a more permanent problem before the beaches empty of people all together ! I am lucky, I have a pool in my complex to retire to. Many don't. They will remember the jelly fish and go holidays elsewhere.
Please, do something, there is not even medication on the beach for immediate treatment.
Sincerely, Michael Bernard
K Demand for
Dear Sir, YOU published an article of 11th July stating that demand for Catalan courses has reached record levels. Calvia Council recently advertised an Intensive Catalan Course - cost 30euros - maximum number of perticipants 20. Minimum 10. They only had 5 enroll - It was cancelled! Considering Calvia has a very high foreign resident population this is appalling. If there is a demand for classes it isn't here! Alan Morriss


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