By Jason Moore THE police officer leading the campaign against knife crime in Britain is proposing national service for all youths. The government is proposing that youths who carry knives should meet victims who have been stabbed and the Conservatives are proposing that anyone caught carrying a knife should be arrested. But I have a more simple solution. Why not put more police officers out on the streets. Not in fancy cars and rapid response vehicles justing walking up and down in crime hot-spots where knife crime is known to take place. Bringing back national service (in this case it is a civil national service) is an idea which has been knocking around since national service was abolished in the 1950s in Britain. My advice to the police officer leading the latest campaign against knife crime is to leave government policy to the government. It might be an idea if he just got on with his job and tried to ensure that London was a safer place. And no more excuses from anyone please. It is time that people in senior positions were slightly accountable. If the latest drive against knife crime is a failure then someone should resign. Londoners want the capital to be a safer place and it is time for all those involved to start delivering.