By Jason Moore

The allegations which have been levelled at some journalists at the News of the World are serious, but I believe that the claims which have been made against the police are even worse. The claims that police officers allegedly received bribes in return for information are pretty outrageous. To make matters worse, according to reports yesterday, even royal protection officers were allegedly involved. Now, I would have thought that elite officers would have been untouchable, but if these unconfirmed reports are to be believed then the police have a serious problem.

It is quite amazing. The shockwaves from the phone hacking scandal are going to be felt in Britain for many years to come. I have always thought that the phone hacking practice was not just limited to the News of the World and some reports yesterday suggested that other newspapers in the Rupert Murdoch group could also be involved. I think the time has come for David Cameron to take decisive action and order an inquiry right away which will look at phone hacking and the media and also the role of the police.

I suspect that in both cases it is just a few rotten apples in both journalism and the police but they certainly appear to have done alot of harm, if the allegations are proved to be true. It is quite amazing and I don´t believe that anyone now believes that Rupert Murdoch will be allowed to get overall control of BSkyB. It is a sad day for journalists but many others also appear to be at fault.