Dear Sir, In reply to Mr Lee I neither question the legality, tenure nor the authenticity of his beloved San Remo treaty; what I do object to is his blinkered obsession of basing his whole argument upon it while completely ignoring every other piece of international law or legislation that has gone since that is at odds with its premise. I don't know if he deliberately misunderstands me in order to deflect from the point I try to make. I also find it highly ironic and not a little arrogant that a Zionist apologist like Mr Lee has the bare faced effrontery to quote UN Articles to defend Israel. Shameful. I can only hope that now that he has discovered their existence he will take the time to read them, especially the ones in which Israel is in breach, though I fear this would take some time.

Israel's behaviour against the Palestinian people is indefensible; their jack-booted repression of a people reminiscent of their own bloody past, and their belief that somehow Jewish blood is more precious than Arab and is somehow an excuse to always respond with disproportionate force, despite the lack of success this course of action has achieved, for the Palestinians are still defiant and unbowed.

I will not take offence at his personal swipes and insults towards me as he is reverting to type; this is Mr Lee's natural instinct against anyone who has the audacity to disagree with his opinion. I will not stoop to that level. I fear neither Mr Lee nor Israel can claim the moral high ground here, probably the only ground they don't claim as their own! Sincerely
Steve Humphries