By Jason Moore THE other day I read an article about an airline in China which wants to allow passengers to stand; a certain Irish no-frills airline also thought it was a good idea and wants to introduce the same in Europe. As far as I am concerned this is the last straw; just what has happened to the travel industry. In the good old days (!) you would get a complimentary drink when you boarded and then a nice lunch. These days you are lucky if you get a good morning. It is a mad scramble to get on the plane, you don't get anything for free and you are treated like cattle. As the airlines struggle I would suggest that they return to the old days of service, a nice meal and seat numbers. If you want to catch the flying coach then do so but if you are like me and want a more sedate flight then there should be airlines that cater for both tastes. I am willing to pay for this service, as long as it is a reasonable price. I can't afford business class but I am willing to pay slightly more for some service. I will sit with my meal and gin and tonic and dream of the day I can afford to travel business class. I suspect there are many people like me who miss the good old days of flying and want to feel slightly special rather than just cattle being herded on and herded off.