Dear Editor, We went on Thursday last week to see the International Folklore Festival at the Parc de la Mar, as we do every year. The dancing etc. was brilliant, but was overshadowed by a few things.

1. Why change the lovely setting from in front of the cathederal to the end of the park. No redirection signs - we were not the only ones confused. There were some Majorcans who told us it was in the same old location. What was the reason for relocating?

2. It started at 10.30 (30 mins late) without an apology!

3. There were no visible signs of facilities for the artists. It also appeared they had a long trek alongside the lake to get to the stage - not a way to treat these artists.

4. No refreshment facilities available!

For all these faults the show was great and free! It was bad organisation from the powers that be.

A. Caffyn, Santa Ponsa