By Jason Moore AT a time when the Balearics is facing a drop in tourism, the last thing our principal industry needs is industrial action. Palma airport yesterday was a disgrace. There was a rubbish everywhere as a result of industrial action by cleaning staff. I do not wish to take sides in this dispute, all that concerns me is how it could affect our principal industry. We are now facing a four day strike; already yesterday the airport was a mass on rubbish, can you imagine what it will look like by Thursday? The summer season is getting shorter every year. Eventhough we are almost in the third week of July the summer season is just starting to get into full swing. It will all be over in about four weeks time. Surely, an accord can be reached with trade unions and local businesses that all industrial disputes which could affect the livelihood of these islands are resolved before peak season. Holidaymakers are no longer “loyal” to holiday destinations. They want service, value for money and above all they want to relax. If you were faced by the scenes at Palma airport yesterday you would not be too impressed. The Balearics mustn't forget that it has plenty of competition from across the globe. Our principal industry must be second to none if these islands are to remain competitive. One thing all involved in tourism should never forget; a holidaymaker's break in the sun is probably their best ten days of the year and they do not want their holiday to be marred by anything. The last thing you want when you turn up on the first day of your holiday is that the airport looks like a rubbish tip.