Dear Editor,
ALTHOUGH I condemn the London bombings without reservation, I donÆt think we should be so surprised that they occurred, given BritainÆs blind support for AmericaÆs occupation of Iraq. I watched with interest today an interview given by the mayor of London, Ken Livingston. He addressed the media in a question and answer session in what I believe is a weekly event. Mr. Livingston was articulate and informative, and gave a well balanced view of recent events, drawing attention to the double standards employed by both the Americans and the British when it comes to dealing with the Middle East. He pointed out the way Israel was a law unto itself while the Palestinians were subjected to harshest possible treatment, while US and British governments turned a blind eye. Condemning all violence and especially suicide bombers, he went on to say that with no warplanes, gun-ships or tanks are their disposal, the Palestinians were forced to use the only thing they had left, their bodies. He also took time to scold the journalists for fanning the flames of racial hatred in their headline grabbing front pages, where catchy buzz words and sensationalism reigned, often at the expense and in direct contradiction to the facts. Another voice of reason recently was George Galloway, MP, appearing before a Senate hearing in the States last May. Mr Galloway traveled to America to answer allegations of misconduct and profiteering. He acquitted himself brilliantly, showing these politicians up for the petty and bigoted bunch that they are, and rightly pointed out that the truth “will out” in the end. Scanning any newspaper or news broadcast recently only confirms his predication that the mess in Iraq and to a certain extent Afghanistan will only improve when the occupiers pull out. I seem to remember that both Mr. Livingston and Mr.Galloway were once part of the Labour party but were forced out. I wonder if Mr Blair listened to his party members instead of expelling them if they donÆt agree with him, would Britain be in the nightmare it finds itself today?
Yours sincerely, S. Humphries


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