Dear Sir, THERE is a lot of hot air blowing about in Majorca at present, but it is as nothing compared to the amount of hot air blown out by Ray Fleming in his latest Looking Around article (July 18th). He starts off with the crazy idea that a UN force could provide a “cordon sanitaire” between Israel and the Hezbollah terrorist army in Lebanon. Iran has already supplied Hezbollah with thousands of rockets capable of travelling up to a 100 miles. So is Mr Fleming suggesting that this UN cordon sanitaire be over 100 miles in depth? That would not be a “cordon sanitaire” Mr Fleming: that would be an occupying army. Clearly what lies behind this silly suggestion is that Hezbollah is getting such a hiding that the controlling Islamic lobby in the UN is trying to come up with something that will stop this evil force being wiped out once and for all - something they, nor apparently Mister Fleming wish to see happen. As to his next lop-sided suggestion that a UN “peacekeeping presence” be provided to enforce the various UN resolutions: to start with, most of these resolutions are not binding, and secondly what would Mr Fleming suggest his peace-keeping UN presence does about Darfur? Or, to bring Lebanon to book for flouting an enforceable UN resolution instructing the Lebanese government to disarm and disband all the Hezbollah terrorists within its borders? As to his suggestion that the present Hezbollah/Gaza/Israel impasse should be traced back to its roots, I personally cannot see what good this would do because what is done is done, and there is nothing one can do to alter history. But if he, or anyone else, wishes to trace the problem back to its dark, devious roots, then I would ask them to bring up Howard Grief on their internet. There they will find his legal treatise entitled “Whose Land Is It?” Grief is an eminent international lawyer of unchallengeable authority. He reveals that Israel is in legal terms, entitled to the whole of biblical Israel on both the East and West banks of the river Jordan. This was granted to the Jewish people by the League of Nations in 1920-1. And it would have been the case but for the devious double-dealing of one Sir Winston Churchill. Lastly, and probably craziest of all Mr Fleming's crazy, crack-pot pronouncements: he suggests that there are other reasons why Israel is pursuing its war with Hamas and Hezbollah “with such venom”. It was not until over a thousand rockets were rained down on Israeli civilians and three of its soldiers were kidnapped and held to ransom, that Israel struck back. How does Mr Fleming think the British government would have reacted had the IRA been allowed to act freely in the Republic of Ireland, and with rockets supplied by, say Libya, rained down death and destruction on Manchester? Or, or a similar situation whereby an army of terrorists in collusion with the Canadian government rocketing Chicago? Would Mr Fleming accuse Britain and the USA of acting with “an excess of venom”, because their reaction would have been far, far more severe than Israel's who by their own admission are using just a fraction of the force they could bring to bear. But for the hunger for oil and the greed of the all-powerful plutocrats who are making such vast profits from it, this madness would never have arisen. But now it has, and for Mr Fleming for his own prejudiced reasons to distort truth and fact while Islam is intent on taking over control of The Middle East, Africa, Britain, Europe and eventually the USA, does nobody any good. To quote Sam Goldwyn (I believe) “with him for a friend we don't need no enemies”. CONGRATULATIONS TO George Scott for his splendid, well-written, well-expressed letter about George Bush. I agree 1'000 per cent with his comments and judgment that the U.S. is now suffering under the worst president in its entire history. It is unfortunate for the country and the entire world that there are people like Mr. Green who support Bush and the present administration in Washington.

David Lee, by e-mailDear Editor,

Elena Davis, Fornalutx