Dear Sir,

I quite agree with your Viewpoint Columnist in his column headed “Highs and Lows”. We have been coming to Majorca for the past 20 years or so, twice yearly for stays up to 6 weeks in total. Because of the fall of the pound against the euro, allied to rising local prices, plus extras and surcharges - introduced by the airlines, Majorca is sadly not now economically a good place to visit. Basics such as coffee, tea, beer and in some cases meals are now dearer than in the UK! Sadly a lot of the culture too is fast disappearing thanks to a major influx of Eastern Europeans - I fear for the future of tourism on the Island - certainly people will continue to come, but certainly not in the same numbers as before. Added to all this is the security checks at airports, which at times means we are longer at the airport than on the actual flight! All these things combine to present a not too rosy future for the Island - unfortunately.

J & J Sheffield UK