RAY Fleming made an interesting observation about politicians having a mixed record when they bring businessmen in cabinet. He gave two examples from wartime, stating that Churchill brought Lords Beaverbrook and Woolton on board to great effect. History is ambiguous about the former. Beaverbrook only lasted about two years and had to chucked because he could not get along with Ernest Bevin who was the more needed of the two. The latter, Woolton was a great success, though Chamberlain recruited him. Churchill only kept a good man on.

Theodore Lyman

London, but on holiday in Palma



WHEN British young men and women join the armed forces they swear on oath to fight for Queen and Country. However, the politicians seem to think that the armed forces are their own personal army, there to fight wars in other parts of the world for political reasons.

They claim our troops are in Afghanistan because of the terrorist threat (i.e. the Taliban) to the western world. It should be pointed out to the people who believe this that Great Britain has become a major breeding and training ground for terrorism.

If these politicians think it is right to carry on this war let those among them who are young enough sign on in the armed forces and go and fight for their beliefs. The trouble is that none of these politicians have ever seen action where bullets are fired but it is easy to send others to fight and then watch the body bags come home.

Yours truly

C J Crane, Palma



I am sure you are aware of the situation, but we booked a car six weeks before arriving in Majorca on 6th July at around mid-night. On handing over our voucher, we were told that the car had been cancelled and no other vehicles were available. There was apparently no concern and a shrug was the best on offer. We had to take a taxi to our apartment in Porto Cristo, then phone the company on Tuesday morning, only to be told that we would have to return to the airport if they could find a car for us (which they did an hour later). Two taxi fares at 156 euros was not an ideal start to our break and, as old age pensioners, money is tight. We have been told that a refund of the taxi fares will be given, but we wait to see! Perhaps through your paper, holiday makers could be made aware of the situation, but I am surprised it has been allowed to get to a stage where absolutely no cars are available, even if pre-booked.

We are coming over again in September, having paid a deposit for our car, but have been advised that this doesn't mean that a car will be available.
Can anything be done to ensure that pre-booking does actually mean a car is available?

Diana Pyle