Animal Cruelty

Dear Sir,

As regular holiday makers on the Island for the last 17 years, we have witnessed the animal welfare becoming slowly better and better.
The progress has made us very happy. However, when seeing what amounts to animal cruelty, we don't know where to go.
We have tried to contact a nature park- without any apparent response.
Is there nowhere we can turn to on Majorca to bring obvious animal cruelty to the attention of officials or volunteers who may be able to do something about it?

We have tried to raise a cry for help on behalf of a poor local pony that is seriously neglected.
The poor animal's hooves have not been attended for a prolonged period of time and is now in a state where it is almost unable to walk.
The pony is accompanied by a dog with a very large cyst on the abdomen.
Not having seen the pair the last couple of days, we sincerely hoped that our cry for help had been heard.
It was therefore with a heavy heart that we saw the pony again behind a locked gate standing in the same place as always.
Please point us towards a place where we can speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Kind regards, Anya and Jesper Rosendal


Too expensive on the beach

Dear Sir,

We holiday two or three times a year to Cala Estancia and part of our relaxation is spending the day on sun loungers with a parasol on the beach.
We were horrified in June to find this had gone up in only six weeks to 16 euros a day.
This is a massive amount from a holiday budget if only for 8 days.
We do like to travel round the island a lot so are not on the beach every day.
We went to Puerto Portals (an expensive area) and we were surprised to find their sun beds and parasols a fair bit cheaper.
It must be very difficult for families with children who want to be on the beach to afford it.
We are returning in September and will not use the sun beds but will really miss being on such a beautiful clean beach.
Maureen Swann


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