Dear Sir, AS Dr. Smith has had “three bites of the cherry”,I think I am entitled to the FINAL reply. I too, will not bore your readers by mulling over the same sterile arguments Dr. Smith has repeated ad nauseam (dragging in yet another “authority”) to bolster his position over Franco and The Monarchy. He then adds the same slur about my condoning a military coup, which I showed had its causes in the violent and bloody state that existed in Spain before Franco's intervention finally led to a stable Democracy and Monarchy. There is just one aspect of that struggle, that should be mentioned. For far too long the Republican Left has been portrayed as “Whiter than White” fighting for the ideals of Socialism,the Brotherhood of Man and all the left–wing shibboleths, so “cruelly betrayed” by Franco.In fact, the Socialists/Communists killed and imprisoned hundreds of their own supporters,especially in Catalonia the Republican stronghold, where the P.O.U.M., a Trotskyist organisation with a Minister in the Government that was anathema to the Stalinist Russians who dominated. This is fact, Dr. Smith, as one of the great Left Wing figures of the time, George Orwell, in his seminal work, “Homage To Catalonia” so vividly portrays, the dragging of people to prison and worse, by squads of police and other Militias, all orchestrated by the Russian cadres who had infiltrated and then dominated the Government. Orwell himself lucky to escape with his wife, who, as he wrote,had been “shamefully treated”. Andres Nin, the Minister mentioned above, Leader of POUM, was one of those who was arrested, disappeared and was almost certainly murdered in true Stalinist style, by a so–called Socialist Government in 1937.

So, to paraphrase Dr. Smith, think very hard, electors of Calvia when next you cast your votes.
Finally, Dr. Smith, in his gratuitous gibe that I should study Spanish History of the 20th. and 21st. centuries, which he made in his second letter, should be aware that I do know a little more than he ascribes to me and probably a great deal more on twentieth century history in general.
Sincerely and Gratefully for your indulgence, Mr. Editor, Phil Green, Nova Santa Ponsa.
Dear Sir,
Mafia-style methods (DB, Sat Aug 5).
Like many other Calvia residents, I'm sure I would welcome the idea of Sra Nájera bringing legal action against the Partido Popular for supposed “Mafia-style methods” used prior to the last municipal elections (when the PSOE was in power).
Might I suggest that we go the “whole hog”? Let's have: l 1. Apolitical judge/judges preside -? Sr Garzon from Madrid, or the present team involved with Malaga/Marbella council corruption. l 2. All “archived” litigation re-opened/made available for investigation. l 3. Called to account/to give evidence those foreign residents who tried to get onto the Calvia Electoral Role but failed/or gave up due to “Mafia style ” methods emplyed by her party, who were then in power.
I have the feeling that once the investigation gets underway, “Calviagate” (and those involved in other parts of the island) will make those involved in Marbella look like mere amateurs.
M.I., Calvia
(Name and address supplied).