“Absolutely sickening, wasteful and shocking.” Vicki McLeod
Palma de Mallorca

“Husband drove through Lewisham today and it really is like the aftermath of a war zone.
Shops boarded up - or looted. Put them all in a soldiers uniform - send them off and see how they manage when people actually fight back. Cowards the lot of them.” Maria Prior

“ I think the British people will give the police a little more time to see if they can restore order. I don't think it will be long before groups start taking revenge.” Neil Hutchison
Halifax, West Yorkshire “The UK police and political parties all seem to be afraid of dealing with these criminal thugs.
I have seen footage of stones and other missiles being thrown at police, the police charging the crowd, knocking a few over and then backing off to have more missiles thrown at them. They have pepper sprays, cs gas water canon why not use this against these mobs or go in as other countries police forces with determination to disable and arrest them or bring in the Army but I guess this would infringe the human rights of thugs robbers and arsonists.” Warwick Upton
Palma “It's an absolute embarrassment! This all started because an allegedly known villain and drug dealer was killed - how many people has he killed in his life? I don't believe the majority of kids even know what they are rioting about - they are just jumping on the band wagon to get a free pair of trainers and a JD carrier bag - without having to pay for it! I feel sorry for all those people whose house and business have been destroyed - times are hard enough for everyone without this as well!” Claire Martin