THE idea of promoting golfing holidays on the island is belated but welcome. First though, one must get the Cartel that controls prices, keeping them artificially high and beyond the reach of many players from the U.K., to realise that as on the Peninsula, the only way to encourage golfers is to provide packages that include, for instance, a welcome coffee and sandwiches on arrival at the course, second, to have reasonable meals that will future encourage golfers to remain at the club.

Over the years, I have written many letters on this subject to the Daily Bulletin with little or no response from the Cartel. Now, however, it becomes imperative if Majorca is to survive the competition it will surely be facing over the winter months, not only golf but all the other services it should be providing.

Far more publicity is required, advertisements on the TV would help for a start, plus announcements in the great number of golfing and sporting magazines that proliferate in the U.K.


Yours sincerely, Phil Green
El Toro


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