Dear Sir,

I would like to answer Mr Stack's letter which was published Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

Having lived on the island for almost 40 years I cannot say I have ever had any problem with the Spanish postal service. I have a large family here including three grandchildren so invitations to all manner of family celebrations and innumerable greeting cards etc. have winged their way back and forth from the UK to here and I must admit that not one has gone missing.

I shop online regularly, and receive parcels from all over the world especially the UK without a hitch. I must admit I do not use the normal postage service for sending cheques as I prefer the safer option of online bank transfers.

I suggest Mr Stack makes sure his family has his correct address before he publishes insulting letters about a country where he is, after all, a guest!

Margaret Fernández
by email

Dear Sir,

MAJORCA'S diversity is not only contributing to the performance of the British Olympics Team in Beijing.

The theatre group of the University of Southampton is performing in this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a new member in the cast, Alexis Forss, who when last year graduated from the Richard III College in Portals Nous, was well primed and tuned for performing on a stage thanks to the professionalism of his English teacher Jill Pickering and his drama teacher Claire Harris.

Alexis sends them his best thankful wishes from an Edinburgh that seems to be the fun place to spend a couple of weeks in August.

Yours Sincerely,
Wictor Forss, (Alexis' father)


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