Dear Sir, Does it not strike you as ironic, if not downright paradoxical, that in spite of the doom and gloom editorials and similar sentiments echoed by some of your columnists, who all preached and forecast that because of the Bild and Stern exposés emanating from Germany, pounding one or two major resorts on Majorca, which they all declared, would lead to many Germans cancelling their bookings or just not visiting the Island?

And that instead of catastrophy ,the numbers of these tourists have actually increased this season. How can this be? Well, it is pretty obvious to me, that the vast majority of the thinking public, either disregard such stories ,or merely ignore them. There is, as well, the important point that many visitors are the faithful adherents who love this idyllic and beautiful spot is quite sufficient , no denigration of Majorca will affect their infatuation of it.

So, Mr Moore, my advice to you, is carry on “Carrying On!” , you and your team, may only encourage more and more tourists! Yours Sincerely.
Phil Green, El Toro

Dear Sir, Mr. A. Caffyn should not be unduly worried about the commercialisation of the small beach at Santa Ponsa. The same thing has happened to the little beach favoured by locals between Puerto Portals and Marineland. There are still lots of unspoilt beaches in Turkey, Greece and Morocco for those, who don't want to pay nine euros a head for a sunbed and sombero. At least they are keeping the sea clean.

Regards, Robin Musters