Holiday apartments

Dear Sir,

Gone are the days when most people want to book holidays in a Majorca-style old-fashioned hotel.
That is why there is such high demand for a week or two in self- catering villas such as the hundreds of so-called “illegal” lets in the Pollensa area.

It has been painful watching Majorcan tourism slowly committing communal suicide by trying to sell an outdated concept to the exclusion of all others.
Steve Riches

Northampton, UK

Renting of apartments

Dear Sir,

I have read with interest the letters supporting holiday rentals.
How about a word from one and I'm sure the majority of people who do not want renters thrust upon them.
Over the years we have had a few not a lot and now only the odd one, but during that time we have had cars broken into in the garages, bicycles stolen, broken sun beds, food in the pool and the most serious noise.

They are on holiday so come in all hours talking at the top of their voices do not take shoes off, so pity the poor person who's apartments is adjoining or above etc.

Off course some are very nice and abide by our community rules.
We have also had some very bad experiences with long term renters too.
The fairest way is for every community to vote on this matters legally and if they want to rent so be it. Then the taxes can be paid to the Balearic Government (which I am pretty sure they are not at the moment) outcome every one is happy.) Name withheld