DEAR SIR, I don't know how other people have coped with this problem, but I would like to know if there is a solution. We have lived in our beautiful villa in a paradise position in Cala d'Or for 27 years. Our neighbour has always had a small yappy dog, which has always been a nuisance, but we've gritted our teeth and lived with it.

He has now bought another huge, black dog with a huge bark. This dog barks incessantly. We've talked to him, and his response is to shrug his shoulders (how Majorcan is that?) and say “That's what dogs do”. He has conceded to keep the dog inside at night, because the hotel next door to him on the other side complained. He now chains his dog up in the garden at about 4pm, and lets it bark until midnight. We can't get away from this dreadful noise and it's ruining our lives here. We have threatened with a denuncia, called the police and always the same response, the “Shrug”. Is there anything we can do?

Diana Barwinek

TUESDAY'S Viewpoint discusses ways to rein in the excessive remuneration of senior banking officials. It suggests that reducing the honours bestowed on them by the Queen may make them see the light and start them reducing their greed. Last Wednesday's Viewpoint on the continuing Old School Network shows why this won't succeed.

The appointment of company directors and all changes to senior executive salaries, share options, performance bonuses etc., are already controlled - by the share holders. Voting at the annual company AGM is controlled by the major share holders. The major share holders are insurance/pension companies.

The voting of these companies is controlled by their board of directors. These directors typically serve on more than one board often Banks. The directors of the Banks typically serve on more than one board often insurance and pension companies. Effectively, somewhat like MPs, directors select, police and reward themselves. A self perpetuating old boy network if ever there was one.

Our honours system is the world leader in self-aggrandisement starting with the Queen, Princes, Dukes, Viscounts and so on not forgetting hundreds of Army Officers and Civil Servants honoured just for doing what they have been paid for, finally to the city and show business and almost as an oversight a couple of Lolly Pop Ladies thrown in to placate the proles. The nominees are not selected by the monarch but yet another board/committee drawn from the Establishment. To expect them to reduce their Raison d'être is as likely as Turkeys voting for Christmas.

Mike Lillico, Playa de Palma


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