AS a visitor to the island for more than forty years I have read with interest the letters discussing the price rises in the bars and restaurants. Indeed prices in the north of the island where competition isn't as great as in the larger resorts of the south the price difference is quite marked.

However one of the biggest reasons for inflated bar/restaurant prices is the fact that landlords charge ridiculous rents for running these businesses which means the tenants are forced to charge higher prices in order to keep their heads above water.

These greedy property owners made their money in the 60s and 70s when tourism was booming and many acquired more than one business so now they just want to sit back and rake in profits from exorbitant rental incomes. I know of several bars that change hands every few years because they can't keep up with the rental increases and it's such a shame because they were often doing good business. Perhaps one solution would be for the tourism ministry to cap rentals of such businesses for a few years so that prices could be stabilized.