By Jason Moore

I always find it rather amazing that some local businesses close for holidays in August. Now, under normal circumstances a holiday in August is just what the doctor ordered. But, and it is a big but, we live on a holiday island which makes much of its income during the peak summer months of July and August. I have even seen some restaurants closing for holidays in August and there are plenty of shops who have not been open this month. I sincerely hope that these same businesses do not start moaning about a drop in takings in a few months time. I sometimes believe that certain sections of this island have forgotten that Majorca lives from tourism. I know this sounds rather stupid but shops, restaurants and bars should not be closing in August. Infact, they should be extending their opening hours to try and cash in on the lucrative tourist trade. Holidays in August are for tourists not for business people on a tourist island. It is as simple as that and I hope that all concerned get the message.