Dear Sir,

MR Master's attempted “send up” on my earlier letter reference costs, prices, standards, etc, just show he (and probably many others) just do not get it. Of course 20-30 years past, Majorca was considered an economic place to holiday, it followed in the line of Rimini in Italy, which moved to Benidorm and then on to here. It has moved on again, and those looking for a cheaper place should look towards Eastern Europe.

far as Mr Masters' claim of workers being “starved to death” here, there is a minimum wage paid benefits for those who warrant it, not, agreed, to match the system in the UK that caters to every freeloader either living there or coming from abroad. The latest figure I read is that those on one sort of state benefit or another in the UK is fast reaching 6 million.

w flights maybe cheap to Majorca, (probably get even lower if Ryanair decide to charge to use the toilets) but so are they to Nice, Venice, etc. I aw advertised return flights ex UK to those locations for around 50 pounds, - amazing, but one should be under no illusion that they are “cheap” when there.

's just the same in Majorca, and the sooner the island loses this image, the better it will be for all concerned, not least the tourist planning to visit. So yes, let the travel agent pre-warn the prospective visitor, Majorca is not cheap, and they can make a more fully informed decision whether to come here or elsewhere, and not spend their whole holiday moaning at the cost/prices.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips


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