Dear Sir,

FOR the past few years I have rented a property in Majorca for my two weeks holiday. This year I was told by the owner that the property was no longer available for rent due to the government rules on renting out private property. I think you did a feature on a lady who was fined for renting out her apartment in Bendinat.

I do not like hotels and rather than stay in a hotel in Majorca I have just had a very nice holiday in a beautiful villa in Portugal where renting out is quite legal. We ate out every night and shopped for other food in the local shops thus boosting the economy of the locals.

It is clear to me that Majorca has all the tourists it wants and can do without the euros that my type of holiday brings. I think not. The hotel lobby will have its way and you will see a great reduction in the number of tourists.

Bars and restaurants will suffer and also small local shops. When will the government wake up ?

I Chapman
by email

Dear Sir,

IN regards to Mr Irving´s reply to my comments about the foreseeable chaos that will ensue when the new school opens, he obviously knows that a pessimist is an optimist with experience, possibly earned after having lived here longer than myself. But, as Churchill once said, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty” and Barack Obama is now telling us that “It is time for change”, I still live in hope.

Frankly, more or less police will not make any difference. What I had in mind was a complete rebuilding of the two junctions that lead onto the Costa d´en Blanes road, converting them into roundabouts. There is sufficient land to do so, especially if the gardens that contain plants that seem to have been situated on purpose to hinder drivers vision of oncoming traffic, are removed.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Tow
Santa Ponsa