By Jason Moore I like many others have been following the debate in the Bulletin letters to the editor section about prices in Majorca. I also found myself on the front-line because I myself have been on holiday in Majorca. My views on prices on the island are as follows, yes it is expensive but there are bargains and it is quite incredible how reasonable bars and restaurants in beautiful surroundings can be. What annoys me is that bar and restaurant owners, in second-line areas, have raised their prices dramatically costing more, in some cases, than those actually on the promenade.

I have paid anything from one euro to five for a beer and I could even say the same about a cup of coffee. I don´t object to paying three euros for a cup of coffee in an upmarket place in the Port of Andratx, with good service, quality and first rate surroundings. I do object to paying two euros for the same cup of coffee at an inferior bar in Palma. Obviously, British tourists are going to find Majorca more expensive this year as a result of the slide in the value of the pound against the euro, but there shouldn´t be such a difference in prices from one area to the other. The time has come for some price control in Majorca because unless it is introduced the island could find tourists will go elsewhere.