Dear Sir,

Much has been said regarding the lack of flights to our beautiful island and I would like to remark on the recent statement the Bulletin published on its front page recently .

Walsh , speaking on behalf of BA , stated that no additional planes would be included in the flights to Majorca . Now I know why . I have just connected to their web-site for a possible flight from London (no other town exists in the UK for BA !!!! ) to Palma on the 19/11/2011 and returning on 26/11/2011 . The price quoted (for what would be a 5 hour 35 minute flight ) £1'649.20 , I repeat one thousand six hundred and forty nine pounds and twenty pence .

Let us all beware because the ‘vultures' are out .

Dear Sir, Ray Fleming in his article on 28th October compares the Commonwealth favourably with the United Nations. What an insult to the Commonwealth! I write as one born in India, brought up and schooled there and who fought with the Indian Army, the greatest volunteer army in history utterly unlike that ragtag collection in the UN.

As a true relic of the Raj I can only hold up my hands in horror at this nonsensical statement.
Nicholas Carter


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