Dear Sir,
 I rarely disagree with your viewpoints, which normally contain a reasonable analysis of events affecting the Balearics in general, Majorca in particular, as the response made after your forthright words uttered barely a week ago, when you derided the claim placing Dubai ahead of Majorca, to which I heartily concurred.
 However, in your Viewpoint today, (Tuesday) that concerns Magalluf (once again) you quote news headlines in Britain, deducing that the terrible behaviour would drive holidaymakers away. This, in spite of the fact that thousands have already booked, as you proclaimed in your columns, and do you not consider, that most of the loyal adherents of Majorca will enjoy its manifold delights far from Magalluf, which is just a name to those discerning tourists?
 And, do you not think, Mr Moore, that after the almost non-stop ‘bad’ publicity regarding Magalluf and, as a consequence, Majorca itself engendered particularly the three dire television programmes last year, that portrayed the resort as a hell-hole of iniquity and depravity, but with the result of INCREASING the flow of visitors this season, by all accounts to a record high?
 Your suggestions of increasing police numbers next year, (Did they not increase this season?) having meetings with businessmen and Calvia Council, to somehow eliminate the pestilence, as you say “Once and for all” sounds laudable, but, in my humble opinion, has little chance of success, while the ‘massive crackdown’ predicted on Wednesday, will be mostly talk and little action. Ironically inspite of the horrors in Magalluf bookings are up as happened this year (mentioned above), following adverse reporting.
 So, Mr Moore, may I urge you to return to your upbeat policy you propounded in many Viewpoints that emphasised the family orientated areas. Peaceful and tranquil, so much enjoyed by the vast majority of loyal visitors, who year after year return to this fabulous Island.
 Yours Sincerely,
Phil Green
El Toro


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