By Jason Moore

THE European Union is forcing the British government to allow prisoners to vote but why can´t the European Union force the Spanish government to do the same with us. Non Spanish European Union residents in Spain have limited voting powers at the moment; we can vote in local elections but not in general elections. We can´t even vote in the elections for the Balearic President! Surely, the European Union should take action. I would like to vote in the next general elections in Spain because I live in Spain, pay my taxes in Spain and whatever the Spanish Prime Minister does will affect me.

As we approach the next local elections in May I am sure that there will be thousands of European Union expatriates who would like to vote in the election for Balearic President. I can´t understand why we are only allowed to vote for our local mayor and not the top job. If the European Union wants to progress these are issues which need to be resolved. It is all very well having a union of nations but all nationalities should have the same rights in all states. It could be argued that the present voting system in Spain goes against the free movement of labour within the European Union. It is certainly not fair.


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