Dear Sir,
I would just like to say that is the best news I have read for a while about the changes to Magalluf. I am a small business owner who has been fighting really hard to turn Magalluf back to the way it used to be. I have a bar which I have been running for 30 years come next March. It is a great resort and very friendly. I have kept my bar open for the Winter this year, but do not feel safe being there, day or night.
It was never like that. We have got so much to offer holiday makers. Hopefully it’s just not words about changing the place around we need it done now.
We owe it to all the people who worked hard for years to make it a great resort, and to the people who still love coming to Magalluf.
We need to do it for the younger generation so they will not have to leave to find jobs elsewhere.
 If they get it right this time we will have a great product which will go from strength to strength.
The business people of Magalluf are willing to help make it better.
Regards Cathy Sinclair (Sinkys Bar)

Dear Sir,
I hope if the Majorcan authorities are going to clean up Magalluf,  they are also going to do the same in Santa Ponsa.
In the summer of 2012 I had a friend who on his first ever holiday and visit to Santa Ponsa had ALL his week’s holiday money taken from his pockets on his  first  night out, and in 2013 another friend had his ‘good’ watch stolen, both by professional female  pick pockets from the African continent. Neither crimes were reported to the police as neither of them spoke Spanish and didn’t have much faith in the police.
Also when you are out for a drink with your wife or a meal, the last thing you want is to be pestered by the ‘looky looky men’  coming into restaurants and bars interrupting your meal.
Yours, D. Nattan
Santa Ponsa


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