Dear Sir,

SO, unemployment reaches a record high. I quote: Minister, Joana Barcelo, says “Working towards establishing all-year-round tourism in the Islands is one way to give people the chance to have a permanent job, she said.

Blimey, well there's an original thought. I along with many other readers have already pointed this out on numerous occasions!!! I'll give you an example. Today here (the UK) it's 8 degrees and it's cold too. We have some friends who have gone to Llandudno on an activity walking break holiday. They had difficulty finding accommodation for their party as all the hotels were full.

So, come on what's happening on Majorca with its tourist season from May to September.
Miguel Nadal moans that he only has 30 million to spend. Perhaps he might like to get off his backside and instead of moaning actually do something. I know it might be difficult and perhaps you do need a University degree to grasp it but perhaps having the island open for business might be a start.

You might say, what do I know. Well, we offer walking holidays in the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District and apart from January and February we are busy all year round.

I'd be only too pleased to promote walking holidays on Majorca as a lot of our clients go to Italy.

Stuart Allsop


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