Dear Sir, Reading your article about the idea to restore the traffic on the pedestrian side of the Borne is crazy.
The business people have it all wrong to think that this would improve their business.
For one thing the pavements are too narrow, they are positively dangerous. When someone is looking at a display in a shop window, the other pedestrians have to step into the road--very dangerous situation. From my own experience when we were in the retailing business in London, etc., we went every year to all the international fairs, including many important cities in Europe, on buying trips. And to all the ones where the pedestrian was king, business was a success.
For example, I do remember Munich had a similar elite shopping centre to the Borne, with similar narrow pavements and it was really tricky not to be run over by a car when stepping off the pavement. The taxis could not stop near the place. There was talk to pedestrianise the whole area. The business people were in uproar against it.
But somehow the plan was adopted. When we returned a year later it was marvellous, no more cars and a special spot for taxis to stop. The business people who were so much against the project had to admit that business improved tremendously because people could wander around looking and buying without being harassed by cars and other vehicles. The beautiful Borne should be for the people, to be at ease enjoying looking at the beautiful shops.
People are more important than the motorcar, spoiling the atmosphere to the detriment of health in general.
Let's hope the business people will think again.
I would also suggest to make Jaime III pedestrianised.
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