BY Jason Moore
ONE thing that rather shocks me at the moment is the large number of British expatriates who are returning to Britain and giving up their “life in the sun.” I was rather distressed yesterday to learn that one stalwart of the British community had decided to return to Britain to live with her family after forty years on the island. The British community on Majorca is getting smaller but I suppose that it was to be expected as a result of the recession and the drop in value of sterling against the euro. Now, the long-time expatriates like myself (!!!), have seen it all before, but it is still rather a shame because all these people have contributed much to Majorca over the years and the fact that they are leaving our shores is rather sad. What concerns me also, is the way that some institutions, like the British Legion on the island, are closing down. In this space this week, I issued a rallying call to the British community asking whether anyone was prepared to help and revive the Legion on the island. I received a number of emails and telephone calls from people who said how sad it all was, but still the search continues for someone who is prepared to revive and take-over the Majorca branch of the British Legion. While times are hard and the community gets smaller, it is vital that all expatriate clubs and groups remain open, because there is more need for their services.

The English-Speaking community must be united more than ever to face the challenges of life in these difficult times.


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