AM I being cynical in thinking that the bad news of a multi-million pay out to a dozen or so UK Moslem Militants was announced on the same day as the good news of the Royal Marriage on purpose? Certainly the coverage of this disgracefull affair has been minimal in the Press, TV and Parliament. On the face of it we have British citizens/residents claiming to have been abducted, taken to Guantanamo, held there for 6 years without trial, tortured by the USA at the behest of and with the assistance of the UK Intelligence Service. If their claims are completely untrue, as stated by the Government then they should not only not be compensated but they should be charged with perjury and jailed. If their claims are true then the MI5 officers involved should be prosecuted and jailed.

The Government proposes an enquiry into possible connivance into the alleged torture carried out by the USA. Bribing these men with a reputed £1'000'000 each conditional on their silence will make any enquiry a farce. Logically the enquiry should have gone first and the guilt of these ex-detainees or MI5 established. The Government is doing this because it is in the wrong, it has lied and it believes that this cover up will fool a disinterested public more worried about their jobs than the niceties of the Geneva Convention and the rights of supposed terrorists.

The silence in Parliament has been deafening. This is because all parties are implicated. Yet another example, after the expenses scandal, of the low life running Britain. While we on the island are doing our stuff donating euros and hospitality to the soldiers wounded and maimed by al-Qaida and the Taliban our Government is making millionaires out of the people they say are responsible.

Mike Lillico, Playa de Palma


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