Dear Editor,

IN response to Jill Carter's letter (issue 2975). Although I sympathise, I am writing to restore faith in the police service offered here in Majorca.
From the moment I walked up the steps to the police station I was treated with sympathy and understanding.

Having established that it was impossible to communicate my situation with the policemen outside due to the language barrier, the three of them extinguished their cigarettes and escorted me to the reception desk. Inside an English speaking officer was contacted on the phone and I explained my situation. I was taken to the meeting room where not only was I able to give my statement while the English officer remained on the phone but they also asked me if I had money and somewhere to stay.

My gripe is not with the police service, which I couldn't fault, but instead, the reason for my visit to be necessary. Iberia Baggage Services.
My luggage was lost travelling back to Palma from London via Madrid. After numerous phone calls my bag arrived minus valuables to the total of 5000 euros. The monetary value is not of great importance to me but the sentimental cost is huge. I am positive that I am not the only person this has happened to and it infuriates me that someone within the company is able to have the opportunity to peruse the contents of my bag, taking whatever they wish. With all the security checks in place at airports it would seem now necessary to have the staff under surveillance. This is theft on a huge scale and I have yet to receive any satisfying results from my correspondence with Iberia. The effect of having lost such important possessions from the last 6 years of my life has been hugely traumatising.

I hope that one of your readers or a representative of the airline might offer me hope that Iberia Baggage services will take responsibility for their incompetence.

I live in hope.

Alexandra Graham