By Jason Moore,

EVER since London won the 2012 Olympics I have heard nothing but complaints from Londoners about the cost, the security implications and everything else. Instead of the event being a showcase for the British capital it has become just one long moan. I don´t really understand why London entered the bidding in the first place, because I get the impression that Londoners don´t really want the games. So why is England bidding to host the 2018 World Cup? Plenty of money and energy has been spent on the bid but at the end of the day does the English public really want it. I think it would be a better idea if FIFA awarded the event to Spain and Portugal because afterall they do really appear to want it. It was the same during the bidding for the Olympic Games; the people of Paris and Madrid really wanted it but it finally went to London. The one good point for England is that if the World Cup is staged there, then the national team will not need to qualify which is probably quite a result, considering the way England are playing at the moment! No, Mr. Cameron, David Beckham and Prince William, your time is much better spent on other things!