By Humphrey Carter

I went to try and get some early Christmas shopping done the other day and lap up all the festive spirit Palma City Council, with its tight budget, has tried to inject in to the capital.

There are plenty of musicians creating a pleasant Christmas atmosphere in some of the main shopping streets but that pleasantry does not have appear to have rubbed off on some of the shop staff.

In one major retailer where I bought one of my presents, the lady behind the counter just tossed the item, clearly a gift, into a bag.
When I pointed out it was a gift and asked if it could be wrapped, as is tradition in many shops this time of the year, she begrudgingly complied - but with little effort or care.

In fact, as soon as I got home, I had to re wrap it.
Not only is this the season to be merry, considering that takings on the high street have shown little signs of being better than last year, surely it is in the retailers best interests to make customers happy and give their consumers a much needed confidence boost.

After my experience, and with presents still to purchase, there is one shop in Palma which will not be getting any more trade from me.
2'000 plus part time jobs are being created over Christmas, so why are people not embracing this opportunity and treating customers with care and attention.

Have a nice day and a happy Christmas would not go a miss.


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