By Jason Moore EVERY year there are incidents in which climbers are “lost” in scenic Majorcan spots and expensive rescue operations need to be mounted. Thankfully, the climbers and hikers are usually rescued unhurt. But following our interview yesterday with two climbers who were trapped in a canyon near Soller it has come to light that while climbers and hikers are always told to carry a mobile phone or a even a GPS system in this part of the island (one of the most popular for walkers) there is no mobile cover. It is therefore useless carrying either a phone or GPS because they won't work in the areas that matter. If future accidents want to be avoided it would be a good idea for the rescue service or the Balearic government to contact one of the major mobile phone operators to ensure that there is cover across the island. Not only would this ensure that there are fewer rescue operations it would also mean that the rescue services could dedicate their valuable time to other more pressing matters. It's all very well telling climbers and hikers to go prepared but the local authorities and the mobile phone operators have also got to do their bit. The local authorities should follow the old expression; it is better to be safe than sorry.