Dear Sir,
Your report (10 July) on the Pamplona Running of the Bulls incorrectly states that “there have been 14 fatalities over the past century at the fiesta”. There have in fact been several thousand, if you include the groups of bulls sent every day to their deaths by slow torture as they are murdered at the end of each day of the festival, solely for the pleasure of those perverted enough to enjoy watching defenceless animals have a load of swords stuck into them by evil pathetic-looking cowards in fancy-dress.
James Brent

Dear Sir,
I keep on reading articles related to this place and the yes-no yo-yo and the not understandable “and weak excuse we do not know how to challenge this”.
Yes, it costs money but medical care after balcony fall, alcohol intoxication , diseases acquired by sex games etc also cost money but not directly measured probably.
One thing is certain, you can publish whatever you want in British or German newspapers or travel agencies that the people need to behave and give flyers and so on.
Well , good luck, but these lunatics who are part of these unsocial behaviour acts and sicken the place do simply not read or do not take notice of anyone or anything apart from themselves.
For me it’s very simple: Magalluf (Majorcan authorities) what do you want ?
- Up market tourism: fine put a few dozen real Guardia  Civil guys with higher level of authority and clean the bloody place up, arrest people who do not behave, (send them back home or a few days behind bars), also illegal street vendors, prostitutes and make them feel unwelcome.
- Close cheap sleeping infrastructures or refurbish them and raise the price.
- Close down bars who allow the unsocial behaviour.
- Talk to all cheap restaurants who serve warmed-up frozen food where you are served by everybody apart from real Spanish or Majorcan waiters and give honest simple and good food.
- Have a banning on night noise  from 12 at night and control this and fine these who do not respect the law ( but not with 50 euros but 300 euros )
But make sure that the people you ban there do not spread to other resorts over the island.
Or keep Magalluf for what it’s worth but make a big wall of 5 metres high around it , let people in but don’t let them out until their bus comes and picks them up at the end of the holiday and escorts them to the airport.
Yours sincerely,
Mike and Els Lammers
Belgium/Puerto Soller


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