Dear Sir,
 The sooner testing of passengers is introduced at the boarding queue , to determine their levels of Alcohol  intake, the better for ALL concerned. There is no resposibility taken by the Owners of Bars/Pubs/Restaurants, in both sides of the Airport lounges.
The Airlines continue to sell Alcohol on the Aircraft.
Alcohol immbibment prior to and during a Flight, is very dangerous.
You de-hydrate during the climb(Take Off), in the cruise, and on Finals (Descent).
Whilst under the influence of Alcohol, and an “ In Fligh Emergency “ occurs; then those who are innebriated beyon normality , will most likely not survive any major accident.
Passengers today deserve respect, if there is doubt concerning certain passengers, then you have the right to refuse to fly.
This has been applied when suspected terrorists, are on the Flight’s Manifesto, and in the Cabin.
It follows, that if there are drunken passengers on an Aircraft, then those sober people can stop the Flight, and change to another more normal cabin passenger load.
 This becomes very prevalent, when Stag parties, Hen Parties and the “ Magaluf ‘ drunken crowd, attempt to board, either before a Flight, or on a return Flight. I understand that if a Captain has to DIVERT to the nearest Airfield , because of Alcohol Abuse etc. from drunken passengers.
 They will have to pay all the landing fee costs.
 Inconvenience costs to those passengers on board, and further costs for those passengers delayed at the destination Airport.
 Very serious action is needed now. The above controls and testing should also apply to those taking illegal drugs.
 Yours faithfully

Mr. F.S.Jessop
 Sa Coma


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