Dear Sir,
 Interesting letter from David Lee about capitalism in the Sunday issue of your newspaper. If he is of the opinion that capitalism is dead, what system does he propose should substitute it ? Communism? I would hazard a guess that anyone who lived in Eastern Europe and especially in East Germany, wouldn’t particularly want to change their way of life again.  Capitalism doesn’t necessarily mean incurring massive debts. Ask anyone  trying to run a business. Debts have been incurred by governments of all sides of the spectrum trying, and generally succeeding, in improving the lives of their voters and the population in general over and above the income these same people where and are producing for their country. Has and did anyone complain ? No. Similarly, very few people complained when hire purchase and mortgages were made available to the general public. Therefore we have only ourselves to blame if our countries debt keeps increasing year by year. It’s either that or accept lower living standards and look what happens when politicians start talking about “austerity”. No, don’t blame capitalism, blame the people who think money grows, like spaghetti, on trees.
Yours sincerely,
Simon C  Tow

Dear Sir,
 On a visit to Majorca in May we were flying out at 7 a.m from Newcastle. Whilst at the boarding gate we realised we were among a stag party of   70 stags and a hen party of approx 20 hens. Whilst the hens were pretty quiet the stags were very noisy and had been drinking in the airport bars.It was obvious  to us that it was a very  drunken  group but they were allowed to board regardless. Whilst on the plane they were allowed to purchase yet more drinks. Why do the airlines allow this to happen? Why are people allowed to still travel whilst drunk? Why do  early morning travellers have to put up with this behaviour?   

Sober holiday maker sick of drunken louts


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