Dear Sir,
Yesterday (Thursday 15 September 16) the French air traffic controllers went on strike for the FOURTEENTH time this year! Cabin crews I have spoken to are sick and tired of their recurring strikes. Ryanair cancelled 100 flights today.

The delayed passengers are reaching their wits end with these consistent disruptions to their travels. I once spent twelve hours in the old Palma Airport terminal, because the French ATC strike grounded the whole of Europe.

I did wonder if there were alternative corridor routes which are not controlled by the French. Perhaps there would be a price surcharge to cover any increase in fuel costs. That could be born by those travelling passengers, affected by another lightning strike. That way flights would be slightly delayed, but passengers would fly on that day.

Finally, what is the problem with the French ATC?

Yours faithfully


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Geoff Dominy / Hace over 5 years

Regarding Andrew Ede's somewhat savage attack on Neus Truyol, President of Emaya. Firstly, and perhaps lastly, let's point the finger of blame where it really belongs. Every man, woman and child that lives or visits this beautiful island is responsible for the shortage of water and the unacceptable levels of garbage. We must all take responsibility instead of trying to blame Neus Truyol and Emaya. We all use too much water and we all produce too much garbage. It's that simple and until we change our mentality, it will never get better. As for the tourists, they consume water in hotel rooms that they pay for and unless the laws of economics have changed, the hotels are making money (lots of money) from their stays. While it would be wonderful to have 'our island' to ourselves, try financing all the things we demand and expect without the revenues created through tourism.