Dear Sir,

The ongoing saga about rentals with regard to private properties is not only pathetic, it is ridiculous. As far as I can gather, the all inclusive hotels make sure their clients are too drunk every night to even venture out onto the streets of Majorca.

I have a rural property and the people who rent my farm contribute huge amounts to our economy. These renters of all nationalities spend huge amounts on food and wine in supermarkets - they go out to restaurants - they rent boats. They frequent the local markets and buy many presents to take home.

Their rental payments are managed by my Majorcan lawyer in strict accordance with the law and in order to maintain the property to a high standard. I provide work for Majorcan gardeners, cleaners, plumbers, and electricians. Majorcans should wake up and get some common sense instead of whinging and complaining about private rentals all the time.

Shiela Peczenik