Dear Sir,
I understand last week that you enjoyed a lovely meal in the restaurant Las Olas which is situated on the north side of Santa Ponsa Bay. I also understand that an Irish family who were dining in the restuarant and who spoke fluent Spanish confronted you regarding the dangerous state of the promenade following winter storms and the fact that mothers with prams and people with disabilities cannot get to the beach or the tourist boats without risking injury to themselves or others.

I was honoured to be invited by you as President of Eden Roc community to attend your chambers in the town hall and view the proposed plans for a new walkway on the north side of Santa Ponsa bay from Ceasars Apartments to the beach with phase one from Isabella Apartments to the beach commencing very shortly.

A restuarant which is situated within the building of Eden Roc and Las Olas which is situated in the building of CapMartin have both carried out expensive renovations recently. They supply quality food and are surrounded by dangerous walkways which are not included in the first phase of the new walkway development .

Could I suggest that until such times as these areas are to be properly developed in a later phase of the promenade proposals that they are temporarily repaired and made safe by your council immediately on the grounds of safety.

I recently read in the local press that the Santa Ponsa hotel association were complaining bitterly about lack of investment by your council in Santa Ponsa and suggested that your council was favouring Magalluf. I totally agree with the hoteliers' suggestions. I was delighted to meet you, Natale Frances the deputy mayo,r and Dolina Reynolds from Calvia Council on 19 March at St Patrick’s Day celebrations. I raised the issue of the dangerous walkways that day and was asked by your representative to send photographs which I did. I have had no response to my email. These were resent again on the third of this month and to date nothing has happened.

I have forwarded on a series of photos taken on 19 March highlighting the dangerous walkway and have forwarded another series taken since you met the Irish gentleman in Las Olas and an elevated view of Eden Roc and Cap Martin complex.

I look forward to receiving your formal comments and proposals to make the area safe.

Kind regards
Ian Rice


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Arthur / Hace over 4 years

Calvia you really are being left behind !!! Playa de Palma is looking amazing and each year hotels are able to add a couple of floors, which allows them to pay for the massive regeneration project, and they are being given permissions for roof top bars and roof top pools. Your planning needs to be quickened up and loosened, as projects are delayed. The season began in Playa de Palma also a couple of months before Calvia began, allowing employment to flourish.